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Smith Holland M&A Resources  

M&A resources, insights and articles.    

Factoring inventory into the deal structure.

How to deal with employees when selling your business.

Using the right EBITDA multiple when preparing your business for sale.

Using SBA financing to acquire middle market companies.


Most companies are not structured for maximum sellability.

Stock sale deal structures aren't always best.

How long does it really take to sell a business?


Asset sale deal structures are the most common, but there can be some disadvantages.


EBITDA isn't always the same as cash flow, especially when debt is involved.


How to identify and value intangible assets in an M&A transaction.

Navigating the due diligence phase can be confusing.

Top reasons that make it difficult to sell a business.

Sell a website with internet business brokers.

How are business brokers different from M&A advisors and investment bankers?

SaaS companies and internet businesses warrant higher earnings multiples for good reason.

Minimize your tax liability when selling a business.

Vertical acquisitions for middle market companies.

Horizontal acquisitions for middle market companies.

Diagonal acquisitions for middle market companies.


Top reasons for selling your business.

Common reasons for middle market M&A transaction failure.

Reasons you should consider an earnout deal structure when selling your business.

Always conduct a UCC Lien search before closing the deal when buying a business.

Navigating complex cross-border M&A transaction risks and opportunities.

How to deal with real estate when selling your business.

The key documents to review when selling your business.

Recasting your financial statements to maximize shareholder value as you get ready to sell your business.

Growth potential only goes so far when it comes to business valuation.

Unrealistic valuation expectations are the top factor impacting deal lifecycle timeframe.

Common mistakes to avoid when selling your middle market company.

Working with business brokers to sell your business.

Expertise matters.

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