Smith Holland.  

Smith Holland is an international M&A advisory firm that specializes in

sell-side representation for middle market companies.

Smith Holland is a different type of middle market mergers and acquisitions firm. Based out of Chicago, we believe results should come before fees and maximizing shareholder value for clients is at the core of everything we do. Every Smith Holland advisor knows how stressful and unpredictable the M&A process can be because we have all personally started, operated and sold businesses of our own, which gives us an added layer of transactional insight that can’t be learned in the classroom. The risks are always higher on the sell-side of the deal and that’s why every Smith Holland M&A transaction is led by a team of seasoned M&A advisors that work together to deliver superior value. Combined with our concentrated focus on sell-side only representation, our experienced advisors have helped hundreds of clients execute successful exit strategies by anticipating and adapting to transactional challenges and changing market conditions.


Our world-class team of M&A professionals combines the art of deal-making with the science of data-driven market intelligence to help our clients achieve their financial goals. With offices in Chicago, London, Dallas and Vancouver, we take an agile approach to M&A strategy execution and we consistently deliver these services with the utmost integrity and professionalism.


Our Team

Smith Holland Values. 


We get things done the right way and we never compromise on principles or hard work. We are decisive, direct and most importantly, always accountable. We take a practical approach to deal execution and we always act within full compliance of the law. Integrity is the backbone of our firm and is at the core of everything we do.


We demand a culture of collaboration, excellence and professionalism where every team member works together on every Smith Holland transaction. We learn from each other, inspire one another and our shared passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals is what makes us different.  


For us, good isn’t enough. When we say we’re a full-service M&A firm, we mean it. Our mission is to be the most successful middle market M&A team in the world and that all begins with superior client service. We never forget that Smith Holland only exists because of our clients and we treat every client like they’re our biggest client.


We are here to win. Period. We get results for our clients and we consider anything less to be unacceptable. We are constantly improving and outworking the competition to drive shareholder value through precise execution because our clients deserve nothing less. At Smith Holland, winning with integrity isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.


When it comes to deal execution, respect is the difference between success and failure. We always show the utmost respect for our clients, the buyers that we work with and most importantly, the M&A process. Regardless of your position or the size of your company, we believe everyone deserves respect and we always operate accordingly. 


We take on the challenges that others dismiss as impossible and we offer real solutions to complex problems. From the superior quality of our company presentations to the meticulous detail that goes into preparing the final purchase agreements, we are passionate about delivering real results that leave a lasting impact.  

Smith Holland Offices


444 W Lake Street

Suite 1700

Chicago, Illinois 60606

P. +1.312.620.2010

F. +1.312.612.9939



32 London Bridge Street

Suite 2400

London SE1 9SG, UK

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13155 Noel Road

Suite 900

Dallas, Texas 75240

P. +1.214.305.8386

F. +1.972.525.5770



1055 W. Georgia Street

Suite 2400

Vancouver, BC V6E 3P3

P. +1.604.800.4377

F. +1.778.508.3536